Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Special

I am ready to POP with child in less than 3 weeks!

Which is why you need to HURRY and sign up for a mini-session.

(because my belly is HUGE and my ankles are freakishly swollen)

Slots will be granted on a first come, first serve basis!

April 11 @ 6 & 6:30 (No longer available)
April 12 @ 6 & 6:30
April 15 @ 6 & 6:30



  1. dang ali. i would love to have you do this. lets see....with my 6 {is that possible that I have 6???} 6 kids that would be an extra $100 plus do you count the bebe in tummy? haha. I am leaving out of town this week so I am a no go. No chance for next week with Spring break? I know that is probably pushing it. Let me know if there is any chance? thanks - danee

  2. I've been following you for some time now. I'm dying to see a photo shoot of your baby! Anything coming up soon?

    BTW - thank you for the inspiration.