about me

It feels quite awkward telling you something about myself.  I mean, I love to eat...especially out!  I love walking through home stores and dreaming that my house could look that way one day.  I love wearing jeans.  I only own one pair at a time.  I also love elastic waistbands.  I own several at one time.  I love the smell of cinnamon-y candles.  I love my 3 kids and my husband.  I've never seen Star Wars and don't really care.  I'm not a daredevil.  And, drumroll please...I love photography.

I got my first camera when my son was born and I fell in love with the art.  I crave coming home from a photo shoot to see what I've captured.  If it's not perfectly perfect, I love it even more!   For me, it's not always about the smiling face (though we do love them), but sometimes it's about the emotion from the moment.  My goal is to provide you with pictures that tell YOUR story and reflect your personality.

**Based out of Sacramento - Available for travel**